Answers to frequently asked questions.

  1. Can my clients pay my invoices online?

    Providing you configured a supported payment gateway and you've subscribed to our PRO plan.

  2. Which payment gateways do you support?

    Currently we support the following gateways.
    PayPal, GoCardLess, Stripe
    We plan to integrate with: WorldPay, SecPay (PayPoint.net), NoChex, PayMill and many others.

  3. Are my details secure?

    We work hard to ensure the environment our websites operates in is PCI complaint. The systems are checked externally every 3 months by a third party. The website itself uses an SSL certificate to secure communication between your web-browser and the website. So, you should see a padlock in your browser indicating that your connection is secure. This is the same technology your bank uses to secure your internet banking.

  4. Do I have a contract with you?

    If you choose our PRO plan your service is paid for on a month by month basis in advance. You can cancel at anytime and your subscription will run until the end of the current billing cycle. Eg: If you signup on the 5th of January and cancel your service on the 7th of January your service will not downgrade until the the 5th of February. If you request a refund the same rules apply.

  5. What is your refund policy?

    We offer a no-quibble refund policy. If you aren't happy we will return your current months subscription back to you. We will ask you why you are requesting a refund, but this is so we can improve our service. Upon receiving a request for a refund we will process the refund immediately and instruct our payment gateway to refund you the full amount. Although we process this transaction immediately it could take a few working days for it to appear in your account - this varies depending on who you bank with and their processes. We will email you to tell you that the refund has been processed and tell give you a transaction number incase you have any queries.

  6. How are my invoices sent to my clients?

    On either of our plans you can email your invoice to your clients, which means they receive a PDF invoice and a link to view the invoice online. We also allow you to download the PDF of your invoice if you want to send it directly to your client.

  7. What do you do with my card details?

    Very simply we do not store card details. We use a third party secure payment processor (Stripe) to handle all our subscription payments. They "tokenise" card details which means we cannot see what they are, ever, we use a token to allow us to charge your subscription securely until you cancel it.

  8. How do I change my billing information?

    You can manage your subscription within your account settings. This lets up upgrade from our FREE plan to our PRO plan or cancel your subscription. If you want to change your card details the best way to do this is to cancel your existing subscription and take out a new subscription with your new card details. If you contact us - we can help with this process. When you cancel your subscription at the end of your current subscription period, before your next renewal access is downgraded. Your data is not removed by downgrading your subscription.

  9. To provide this you must be a big company!

    That's not a question.
    But thanks for the compliment - we are in fact a tiny company; we operate solely out of the UK and we only use UK software developers. The company currently has a number of developers and designers who operate as a mixture of freelancers and employees.

  10. I'd like to suggest a feature, give feedback or suggest and improvement

    Again, not a question.
    We're really happy to hear all feedback please use the contact page to get in touch!